29 April 2013

'I don't deny myself anything': Lorraine Kelly reveals the secret to her slimline figure... but admits that she still treats herself to chocolate

She's admitted that losing more than a stone and dropping two dress sizes back in 2011 sent her confidence soaring.
And it seems that Breakfast TV queen Lorraine Kelly has found maintaining the weight loss simple, revealing that she doesn't even deny herself the food she loves.
Speaking to Good Housekeeping magazine, the 53-year-old says that she doesn't struggle with her shape any more, but tries not to eat as much as she used to.

'I don’t deny myself anything,' she tells the magazine. 'If I want a bit of chocolate I’ll have it, but I won’t eat the whole bar like I would in the past.'
'It’s not something I wake up and struggle with,' she admitted, proving that she has changed her relationship with food.
The mother-of-one decided to get in shape two years ago, creating a new exercise regime for herself and sticking to it.
And while many people end up putting the weight they lost back on, Lorraine had managed to stay in shape and change her fitness mentality.

'I go to Pilates. You don’t think you’re doing anything when you’re exercising, but if you’re doing it properly, it’s blinking hard work,' she told the magazine.

When I’m at home in Scotland, my exercise tends to be going for long walks with the dog. I walk everywhere in London, too,' she added.
Lorraine admitted that since hitting 50, she has come into her own when it come to her style and has never felt better.
'Since I’ve turned 50, I’m more interested in clothes and I think that went in hand with the weight loss,' she said.
And the Daybreak star certainly looked a far cry from her former mumsy image in a photoshoot for the magazine, dressed in a yellow tea-dress.
With her hair curled in ringlets and wearing a pair of towering black stilettos, the Scottish presenter showed off the results of her image transformation.
Lorraine first started getting into exercise after walking 62 miles across the Kaisut Desert in Kenya for Comic Relief.
She has since run four marathons and a number of cycling events, having clearly caught the fitness bug.

Full interview appears in the June issue of Good Housekeeping, on sale Thursday 2 May. 

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